Skin Renewal, Scar Removal, and Stretch Mark Removal


There are many common aesthetic concerns that bother us with age. Some of these include sun-damage, fine lines, stretch marks and even surgical or acne scars. These bothersome aesthetic conditions can be difficult to improve with other solutions, but with our Icon™ laser technology, we can improve your skin quickly and easily. In just a few short treatment sessions you will see results in both the tone and texture of your skin, leaving you with the skin you’ve been wanting.

Icon™ utilizes fractional laser technology to deliver specialized pulses of energy into your skin and targeting your unwanted pigment, wrinkles, stretch marks or scars without causing harm to the surrounding skin. Once the energy is absorbed into the skin, your body’s natural healing process will begin creating new, healthy skin in the area that was treated. Over the next few weeks you will see continued improvement in both the coloration and smoothness of your skin .Icon™ is designed to treat surgical and acne scars on any area of the body, including the face. It is also able to improve the appearance of Rosacea.

Icon™ is designed to treat stretch marks caused by pregnancy, weight gain and body changes due to puberty. It can be safely used on most skin types.

You can expect to see an improved appearance of your skin tone and texture over the first 6 weeks after your treatment.

Most people feel only mild discomfort during the treatment. Depending on the condition being treated 1 - 3 treatment sessions are recommended for skin renewal and 3 - 5+ sessions are recommended for stretch marks and scars.

Treatment sessions should be scheduled 3 – 6 weeks apart. Typically, you can resume regular daily activities the same day as your treatment. If a more aggressive treatment is performed you may require a couple days of healing.

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